Cougar Canyon Elementary School

A Community of Learners


What is the PAC?

The PAC is you!!! Every single parent with a child that attends Cougar Canyon is an automatic member of the PAC. The PAC executive is just a few parents that have been elected to represent you to the school, the teachers, the district and to the children.

When & Where Are the Meetings?

We typically meet on the 4th Friday of the month at 9:15 AM in the library. We also plan to hold several evening meetings that will be announced in the school newsletter. Please note that everyone is encouraged to attend at least one meeting. Come find out what is going on at your school!

Preschoolers & babies are welcome.

What Does the PAC do?

Well, we drink a lot of coffee & have even more fun!
Our major purposes include acting as a source of information for & offering feedback to the principal and staff as well as fund raising to support various programs at the school such as:

  • Field trips
  • Computer software & hardware
  • Extra teaching aides & equipment that are unfunded
  • Major projects, such as last year's new playground

The PAC also wants to emphasize the sense of community that this school embraces with social events such as:

  • Movie  & Hockey nights
  • BBQs & Teacher appreciation lunches
  • Family bowling nights

Remember, YOU Are the PAC!