Cougar Canyon Green Team

Cougar Canyon Elementary Green Team has developed a three year plan to reduce our plastic waste.  

  1. Year One- Pack it In- Pack it Out:  Every item of single use plastic, like straws, wrappers on granola bars or fruit roll ups will go back into lunch bags, to be taken home.
  2. Year Two- Promote Reusable Containers and Pack it In- Pack it Out:  We’ll continue to try to eliminate single use plastic items and promote reusable containers.
  3. Year Three- Eliminate the Need for our  lack Bin-Garbage Bins-  We truly believe that, with the commitment of our amazing Green Team we can reduce our garbage to less than 10% of what we are producing right now!

This spring members of the team will begin teaching and helping all our classes practice what it means to Pack it In and Pack it Out.  By the fall we’ll be in full swing.  More information to come soon.