Urgent: Student Release today/wind storm

With the extreme winds and the fact that we are surrounded by trees, we are concerned with your children’s safety as they come home from school today.

We will be keeping children in their classrooms until parents or guardians arrive.  Children in Pod 4 and in Ms. Mavritsakis, Mrs Sebulsky and Ms Copeland’s classes will be released to parents at the classroom, back door.

All other students will be released to parents or guardians from the front door.  Please come through the front door and make your way to your child’s class.

If you’re unable to pick up your child at 3:00 we will have students waiting in the gym for your arrival.

Please note that 2-4 trees have come down near the stairs going up to Summit Crescent.  Those stairs will be closed.  No one should be walking through the Cougar Canyon trail as well as it is extremely dangerous.

Mr. Mann and Ms. Kwasnicki